On this page you can find reviews of people who saw a one or more concerts of Lou Reed.
I hope you like reading them, and if you like to write your own review you can mail me at

Date City Reviewer
18 June 1989 Amsterdam Serge
12 May 2003 Copenhagen
12 May 2003 Copenhagen Thomcats
14 May 2003 Berlin Bettina
24 May 2003 Amsterdam Goodie
25 May 2003 Antwerp Thomas
25 May 2003 Antwerp Serge
6&7 June 2003 San Fransisco The Blue Mask
12 Augustus 2004 Colmar Ralph
16 Augustus 2004 Leuven Hugo
16 Augustus 2004 Leuven Thomas
Norway 2005 Norway Andreas Titlestad

This is just the begining there are more reviews to follow soon.