Lou Reed Live at the Marktrock Festival - Leuven, Belgium 15/08/'04

Review: Thomas Haelewyn


Turn to Me - Modern Dance - Ecstasy - Venus In furs - Jesus - Power and the glory
Sweet Jane - Why do you talk? - Satellite of Love - Romeo Had Juliette - Dirty Blvd.
First encore: Perfect Day - second encore Walk on the Wild Side

First, Let's go back in Time... a few months ago, on a fine morning, , I just couldn't believe what I heard at all!!, Bettina Told me that Lou would be the headliner at the Marktrock festival in Leuven, I started shakin' to fine-fine Lou music, you know my vacation was saved by Lou Reed... Yes I was Happy!

This was to be the fifth time I would see Lou.
On 15 aug. I took the train to Leuven, together with some friends, we arrived at the concert venue at 13.30,..plenty of time for us to have a beer...Other artists performing that day: Sioen, Flip Kowlier, The commitments, Axelle Red, Hooverphonic,...they were so boring, so we went to another café to have some more beer.

There were some people with a Lou Reed Shirt, but not that many, I wore my "Transformer"-shirt...
After a 25min."walk" I Made it to the first row, I had a nice view, right in Front of the stage.
Great atmosphere, 13.000 people Waiting For The Man.
At 23.45 lights went out.
The Band came on stage: Mike, Fernando, Tony, and Jane, a Perfect band
And there he was My hero, he looked very cool, no glasses, white jacket (??) a big grin,... all- right Lou in a good mood! After a nice opening song: Turn to me, than it was time for one of my favourites: Modern Dance, very funny: after singing: 'it's all downhill after the first kiss' Lou stopped playin' looked to Mike and replied: 'yes it always goes downhill after the first kiss, 'I had 3 marriages to figure that out'...again big grin!...'It's not a life being a wife', he waved to a girl in the crowd, hehe very funny!
Next song: Ecstasy, with a 2 min.-killer solo, better solo than on Animal serenade album! I liked it very much!
Than it was Jane-time: Venus In Furs, great cello, and Lou goin' into feedback, a 13 min.
Jesus nice ballad, The Power and the glory, introduced as: 'song for Doc Pomus, He wrote 'Save the last dance for me' and other great songs, I miss him'...first song from Magic and Loss I heard Live, Fernando: great backing vocals à la Jimmy Scott.
I was hoping for 'The Sword of Damocles'...maybe next time...
Sweet Jane: the crowd goin' wild, including me , I never gonna stop loving that song!
'Why do you talk' Lou had some problem with his silver guitar at the beginning, so he used his yellow the rest of the gig.
Time for another crowd pleaser: Satellite Of Love, again Fernando great backing vocals.
Romeo Had Juliette Rocked the place, Dirty Blvd. 2 min. Intro and jamming with Tony, I love the band with Tony, More power, More rock, more Lou Reed!

The Crowd goin' wild...we want more, we want more!!!!
First encore: Perfect Day, audience was singing with him... and Lou changed the Lyrics: 'Oh what a Perfect Night'...
Second encore: Walk on the wild side: with Fernando on the stand-up electric bass,
Nice ending, great gig, very happy!!, I couldn't have asked more
When the band left the stage, a roadie threw 3 guitar pick's in the audience, and....YES, one landed just before my feet!!!! I have a Guitar pick Lou has Used!!! I left with this little treasure in my hand...again, I couldn't asked more!
Thanks Lou, and come back soon!