Writings by Lou Reed

On This site you can find 8 poems written by Lou Reed. They where published in "the Coldspring Journal" from January 1976. Victor Bockris was the guest editor for this issue.
The magazine contains among others Poetry by Lou Reed, The secret diaries by Gerard Malanga, a piece about Viva, and a story of Christopher Makos with Photo's taken by Andy Warhol.
The poems by Lou are illustrated with photo's taken by Victor Brockris. I will add them over de weekend (after I scanned them.)
I haven't seen these poems before but really like them and hope you will like them as well


Photo's Victor Bockris


Hey Man, what's your style
How you get kicks for living
What do you do
To get the adrenaline flowin

Do you like to commit acts
Where you hurt people
Do you like to use them crudely
Cut them across the neck with cheap stilettos
they might bleed to dead
they might bleed to dead
Do you care

Hey Mike. what's your style
I know you'd like to try a law to break in
Anything that they're for -
You're against and for taking

I really like to picture you
Drivin so fast
When you stabbed that man
I finally knew it must be me
It was like sex, getting laid
It's the final thing to do
Trick someone into coming to you
Kill them
Kill them


Pickin up pieces, down on the docks
ooohhh dudes with hardons
Pickin up pieces things being heard.
There is a name on the street for you.
I can't be true

Scouting around on the lower East side
A used mattress that what we started to gain
The Rich ladies with their coats
That are worth six month rent,
Come down here to get laid.
It's a rich cunt's D.H. Lawrence trip
We're the type, we fascinate and me I love a trip

Mrs Pamala Brown at the Dakota
Had 100 foot fur blankets
She had her bottom lifted
And used a bed with badly soiled linen
When she caught the crabs,
You'd have thought it was larceny
She loved it and the doctor for me.
The rich ladies I sell them sugar.
I'm Humanitarian. I give to myself.
That way they're clean.
And I stay out of debt.

It's better than I think...
It's Psychologically better.
That I think - dirt.
They can think that I'm dirt.
Let them think that I'm dirt.
That's what it's worth
Dirt is what it's worth.

Street Hasseling

He hit me across the face
Kicked him in the right place
I put my heel across his knee
Then I silently slid it down
It breaks all the bones
In is feet
And he is down
On the ground

Ohh - Pen up his mouth
Put it on the corner of the street
So he's bitin' the curb
And then you kick -
Him at the back of the head
The blood feels so bad and it's red
Do it again
Teeth in the street

Nothing 'bout fighting in the street
Trick trick - trick
You get kicked by the cops
Give it back in return

It wasn't even fighting in the street
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Renee likes them in their patrolman's suit
Down on their knees

Oh moaning, please
They moan and please

Oh. . . I know that what they want's
A hormone shot
That's Renee, she's a walking hormone shot
Since where born

Patrolman #4
Picks up Renee thinks that she is a whore
Tries to cop a feel
Finds out he's a boy not a girl
He's too hot
He's too hot
All the hormone shots
Make policemen a bit to hot
Renee says she is so pleased
To see patrolmen on their knees

Then they pick a fight
You gotta lay someone else out -
Out tonight

Patrolman 109
I think of you all the time
When I kick that cat in the head
And the blood runs
As his teeth hit the street

The Man

There's a reason Marcy tells me
It's me she wants to get love from
There are some things she understands
I'm the man who's really got some

She's really at #3
2 ahead of her
I've got her a steady job
Oh, jeez, I'll watch out for her

Here comes Mr. D
He's a Dr in the city
They had to tie him off to a chair
And beat the living shit out of him
And beat the living shit out of him
That's $50 for a half hour show
Call us anytime if you will, for the kids, it's a thrill
For the kids, for the kids, kiss
It can kill

Ah, here's a famous folk singer
He likes to have razors scrape down his back
He's got this old Jewish thing
'bout Negroes
So we give him Matilda
She rather be called Tuesday
So I call her Tuesday
Matilda time, huh?
Well here's a nother limp dick

Matilda tie him up
Take a razor to his back
Slowly, slowly man
Seems enough,
Two little lines
Two on his back
He's a Jewish
A folk singer
He ain't thought about by a minister
He's your penthouse apartment pentent

And a thrill to his choice
Andy Warhol says he wants
A doorman or a doorwoman
Don't matter
To me either, either one of which
Says the fastest, cost the leastest

My last
Hey Thursday's fastest
But Tuesday we have Fanny and
Georgie, hey man, he
. . . Folk


I'm here 5.30 in the morning
Popping sentiment
Other people have things they do
During the weeks, in the Weekenders
(Everybody's hittin on her
So I stay away from her)

I know that way
She'd have to come my way
She was scared,
She had the fever
She says don't annoy me, so
I make candlelight
To bare my sign, like she said,
" Things like that - oh all the time
My name is Stephanie"
(she says)

My ass, not a chance
I've gotta go out since I'm heading up town,
No way, see you rond, ha.
She said "do you want only me
Just someone to talk to,
There's something funny 'bout you"
"I know" I said, said, sad says
" Is there anything please, that cheers me?"
Fuck it

Sixth Avenue is up. Head up, town
As we hit the asphalt
Stop at the newstand
Newspapers for everything
And even Stephanie - oh yes! shit!
Stephanie's a combination
Of everything they said that
They want - shit
Stephanie said,

" drag queens are the next sex (bullshit)
We two could get into my head. Right?
You remind me of boyfriend Rex."
I said "he sounds like a dog" She's bothered
"some paper I seen, somethin'
about dogs.
So your Walt Disney crap, huh"
Stop at the Dr. office
Everybody is on injection line
She get's her hormone shots. Right on time
And I get vitamins and mine. Meth
I'm an electric child
Of Mcluhan. (Bullshit)
He's got no clue
To what's going on
Chick like this
Would turn the poor
Cat on and break his balls
How' bout me
I like games
She's part of me. Useful.
She thinks the game will change
- later-
If I touch her once
She'll fly right out the door - whoa-
But I've been foolish before and I'd
Miss touching anyone before dying
There's no time. For you
There's no time. Hey.
Don't call me I'll call you. Right.



Going to a movie picture
In times Square, a show
Don't sit under the balcony
Cause that's where
The spics throw away their popcorn
That's where they throw up

Groping in the balcony
4th row top.
Hoping to find some.
That's why <b>some</b> of them come.
With their raincoats.

The dude on the screen,
He's pretty cool
He's pretty cool
Air conditioned movie

Get on the screen
And see what you can
Tell - by looking - goof

Plus +
The people they won't
They won't
Let bad guys hit on the hero
In the movies

The dude who was on my left;
Just got up and he was leaking
On the dude that was next to him
People in the last row, in the seats
They was laughing
Crazy scenes go down
In the movies
In the movies
They said " You'd better call up the manager, man. (Unison Jive)
I wouldn't take that shit if I was a man"
(In the movies)
In the movies
Right Clint!!!

The slide

I've got nothing about gay guys
But, faggots, just like a cunt.
Years ago, wherever we could spot them,
Handels down, Alabama, small town
We'd take the ha, ha, so ha, I he'd
Do the slide
Do the slide
Baby you better slide

Now they got their own baths, yay,
With entertainers, and shit
From the opera. Man.
Famous names. Man
Big ones
But we know what they do
It's not the same thing
It's guys like me, who, who, do, do, who,
Hate them, beat them, Do, Do
Want to beat them. Do.

They want to beat them
They want to gang a suck off
Show them that they wanna, Bang! go,
Taka a slide

Man you better, you understand
What I'm saying, DECIDE

I only let a lady
Put a needle in my arm
It's too intimate for cats
Like sex with a rag on.

When she does it without a tie, hey
She's one of the guys. Man
She don't have to Slide. Who
Except for the big ones. Do

The Leader

Follow the leader
N.Y. * N.Y.C.
Follow the leader

Follow the leader