Lou Reed concert in Colmar (France) at the 12th August 2004.

It was a great evening. About 4000 visitors where excited. Probably for the first time in their life, a lot of young French people got in close touch with Lou's magic. Lou did a lot of incredible solos. The band, in which Jane Scarpantoni has become an essential member, was great. The way Jane was handling her cello was so Velvet-like. The longer the concert lasted, the better it got. Highlights were Ecstasy, Power and Glory, Magic and Loss, Venus in Furs, Romeo and Juliet, Blue Mask and Satellite of Love. When Lou sang "I wish I was the president of these United States" everybody wanted him for next president. Lou seemed to be surprised how the visitors loved his words and music and at last he thanked the audience with the words of "Perfect Day": "You made me forget myself, I thought I was some else, someone good".