A little background about this site and the webmaster.

First of all, why did I make this site? The answer to that is kind of simple I love the music and lyrics made by Lou. I never get bored listening to it. I also started to collect all kings of things related to Lou Reed, mainly singles and photo's. and bootlegs. If you would like to trade I would like to hear from you.My list which is not updated yet can be found here.On Internet I meet other people who where Lou fan's as well and we chatted a lot with each other. During those chats came the idea for this website. I had claimed the domain name a few years back but never used it. But a few fellow Lou fans convinced me to do something with it. This site is the result of it. I hope you like it, and if you like to contribute to this site in anyway please do!
You can mail me, I love to get mail's from fellow Lou Reed fans from all over the world!

me On the right you can see a picture of me taken by my boyfriend. What else can I tell more about myself apart from the fact that I like Lou Reed. Well,I love all lot of other music as well like, Herman van Veen, john Cale, Laurie Anderson, Lali puna, , Placebo, Suede, Patti Smith,Brian Eno, David Bowie, john Cage, Philip Glass and Simeon ten Holt. Other hobbies include, reading, traveling, Internet, watching movies. Philosophy I studie this in my spare time for many years now, and I really like it. It's great to see how many different views there are about some of the big questions in life. But most of all when I'm not working for IAE I like to spent time with my friends.


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